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At Tavistock Lettings we’ve worked with hundreds of people as they’ve embarked on the Buy to Let journey.

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If you’re thinking of buying your first Buy To Let property, adding to your existing portfolio or if you’re just serious about property investment in general, then we at Tavistock Lettings can help you.

Our Property Sourcing Service will advise, recommend and ultimately help you find the perfect investment to start or add to your property portfolio.

Buy to Let’s come in all shapes and sizes. You may well be looking for a rent-ready property or a property that you can renovate and add value to. Either way, we can help you. We work directly with our investor clients finding them specific properties that are exact fits for their criteria.

It’s our job to unearth property investment opportunities on a weekly basis. We’re hugely experienced and knowledgeable regarding property investment in the local area we should be, we’ve been doing it for 30 years.

Property investment works

It’s our job to unearth property investment opportunities on a weekly basis. We’re hugely experienced and knowledgeable regarding property investment in the local area we should be, we’ve been doing it for 30 years.

Although we specialise in the Tavistock area our clients are from across the UK and they make up our list of retained clients. It’s these clients that we stay in contact with constantly, helping them review their portfolios, offering up the very latest opportunities that we find.

The way we see it is that we ‘lead the horse to the water’ by using our local market knowledge to put potential investments on the table. The trust that these clients have in us at Tavistock Lettings is demonstrated by the fact that many clients don’t even physically visit these properties before they end up purchasing them .. that tells you something.

Our clients consider that the fees we charge aren’t actually basic costs, they’re investments and every good investment is measured by a return. This is the reason why our first time Buy To Let clients soon become retained clients and it’s why our retained clients have often been with us for many years. We help them grow and manage their portfolios while securing the all-important returns … that is after all, why they’re it.

Regardless of what you may hear, the Buy To Let market is still incredibly buoyant but the most important element is getting that property right in the first place. Making the right decision at that early stage will undoubtedly help avoid issues further down the line and that’s why the Tavistock Lettings Property Sourcing Service is worth its weight in gold.

Why should you work with Tavistock Lettings?

Let’s say you’ve sold a business, inherited some money or even won the lottery … congratulations whichever one it is. The next question is what are you going to do with that lump sum?

Well, if you’re seriously thinking about property investment then you need to have a chat with us at Tavistock Lettings. We’d love to talk.

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and that investors have differing wants, needs and desires. However, we feel that it’s essential for us to get to know you and understand your unique requirements, that way we can provide you with a bespoke service that generates a healthy return and that isn’t just a time-wasting exercise.

Our Property Sourcing Service

In simple terms, we offer the two following services:

Source to Order
This is which is where we act for retained clients, sourcing property investment opportunities based on the pre-agreed criteria that we set between ourselves and our clients. We only work with a small handful of retained clients at any one time and it is the very epitome of a bespoke property investment service. Sourcing fees for this service are available on request.

General Deal
This is when we unearth an opportunity which for a specific reason is not suitable for one of our retained clients. At this stage we offer that deal to the investors on our mailing list. The sourcing fee will is dependent on the property that’s on offer.

We can source the following types of properties:

On market property
We look at all of the properties that are currently on the market so long as they meet your specific criteria. With our experience and expertise, we can quickly evaluate whether a property will potentially work for you and whether it definitely won’t.

HMO properties
An HMO property is a property that is let by the room, generally to students, professionals or short-term contractors. Due to planning reasons, HMO properties are sourced as existing HMO properties.

Block of flats
An existing property that has already been split into flats. It may need some refurbishment work or possibly could be ready to rent. Either way these properties represent good value for money with strong returns on investment.

These are existing properties that are subsequently converted into something slightly different, possibly with higher levels of occupancy. A terraced property that is purchased and converted into flats is a perfect example of this.

The Sourcing Process

Initial meeting
An online meeting is arranged to discuss your specific investment requirements so that a suitable, bespoke strategy can be established.

Requirements agreed
Where possible, a face-to-face meeting is held to firm up your requirements. The sourcing fee will be paid at this stage, but of course, this fee is fully refundable if the perfect property is not found, which is rare.

Property search begins
At this point we actively start the property search process. Here we look at every possible opportunity that matches up with your specific requirements. Our ‘no stone unturned’ approach consistently unearths opportunities for you, our client.

Potential properties presented
All suitable properties are presented back to you the client. This includes purchase prices and negotiable positions, potential rent returns, property strategy, year on year yield, ROI’s and renovation costs. Above anything else this is about us demonstrating where the return will come from and what it will actually look like.

Property purchase
If you’re happy with a specific property that we’ve presented back to you, we will negotiate the sale on your behalf. Using our expert negotiators with over 20 years of experience, it’s not unusual for us to save you an amount of money on the purchase, which is enough to cover our sourcing fee … it’s a classic ‘win win’ situation.

Sales progression
We are here to help you get the property exchanged and completed as quickly and as smoothly as possible. In addition, we’re always on hand to offer advice and guidance should it be needed. Getting it purchased and getting it earning is vital for you at this stage.

Post completion
While the property is progressing towards completion, we will have been liaising with our renovations team to have a work-ready schedule with contractors ready to go immediately, straight after completion. It’s always our aim to turn your property around as quick as possible.

If you’re looking to get into the market, we suggest that you do two things. One, book a call in with us below, and two, register for investor deals. It can be hugely rewarding financially, but only if you get it right.

Got a question? No problem

We are more than happy to help with any of your property questions so if there is something you need an answer to, don’t hesitate to contact us.